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Yes. We are covered for workers compensation, liability and motor vehicle.
Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment and are courteous..
Anyone who truly wants a nice landscape and knows the true value of caring for a beautiful home and property.

Lawn Maintenance

The right height will cause less damage to the blade of grass so the plant is under less stress. This in turn will allow for better vigor which in itself will help shade, fend off weeds and protect against insect damage.
Wherever and whenever we can we recycle the clippings back to the turf as grass blades, and leaves being 80% water and nutrients, are the very best compost for building long-term highly organic soil. We only catch when an area is too small or we may get too many clippings in gardens. If we choose not to catch your grass clippings, be assured even if we have to do a double cut based on a 7-day mowing cycle, there will be no extra charge to you, and you will always have a high-quality appearance.
From late April to late November we use a 3" mowing height. This is when your lawn is most actively growing.
We sharpen our blades on average about every 12 to 15 working hours, so about ever 8-10 mowing hours 3 to 4 times per week.
Cool season turf, which is the dominant turf grass in Northeast requires approximately 1" of water from your sprinkler, irrigation system or Mother Nature or a combination per week.
Please let us know 7-10 days ahead and we will provide weekly service the day before your party. With 14 days notification we can also provide a detail crew service, mulch, pruning and seasonal color so that your property will look its best before your big day!

Tree and Shrub Care

Yes, we do. It is one of the most sought after services that we offer at Copponi Services as we hand prune.
Yes, we do and we have done so for over 30 years. We care for business parks to large and small condominium complexes. When curb appeal and image really matter, Copponi Services is your best choice.
Yes. We provide spring bulbs, summer annuals, fall mums and more.
According to appraisers and realtors, a beautifully landscaped home will sell fast and for more money.
he following is a basic guideline for pruning. When present, damaged or diseased shrub-limbs and branches should be removed. Most flowering shrubs and ornamental trees, should be pruned after blooming and before the next year's buds set. Prune whenever possible for plant health and to keep the natural shape of the plant. Some ornamentals and vines require dormant pruning in late winter. We highly recommend hand pruning over shearing.
Mulch provides the following benefits for planting when done correctly: For shrubs and ornamental trees, a mulch base of 3"-4" is recommended. It helps to keep weeds in check, retains moisture in the soil and adds organic matter to the soil as it decays. Woody, ornamental and evergreen trees do not need or want their soil cultivated around their roots.


Assuming your asking for all key components, hardscape, fencing, drainage, irrigation, lighting, plant material, etc., a realistic range is 10%-15% of your home's value. This can be higher or lower based on site conditions, access, plant selection, etc.
Any designed or installed work Copponi Services provides can be maintained or serviced by Copponi Services. This includes full landscape planting, sod or seed, lawn or irrigation.
Yes. We can install and service residential and commercial systems. Please call for more information. Service-call fees do apply to fix or repair your system.
Think of a sprinkler system as enhancing Mother Nature, not to replace her. In times of dry conditions, it can free you from hours of watering and can, if installed correctly, ensure proper moisture to turf and plants. Don’t think of it as set it, and forget it. Irrigation systems require spring and fall service and periodic water-schedule changes as conditions warrant, but it’s easier then dragging out the hose.